The Placentero is a lounge chair that was designed by Batti, one of the most important young designers of the Argentina design scene and it is manufactured by us, with offices in Argentina, the USA and Japan, dedicated to developing conceptual ideas into products.

With its new-age space design, the Placentero conforms well to the modern-day interior décor of public spaces. In particular, the lounge chair’s design complements hotel interiors whose architecture boasts futuristic furniture, chairs, sofas, lamps and chaises. The Placentero is well on its way to becoming a classic in contemporary furniture design.

The Placentero can be purchased by contacting us at Info at The product is available for direct delivery around the world. Media or bloggers who are interested in learning more about the Placentero may also contact us for additional information.


The Placentero was chosen and published in Red Dot’s “2007 HALL OF FAME OF design for a better quality of life.” Red Dot “stands for belonging to the best in design and business. The qualification is based on the principle of selection and presentation. Outstanding design is selected in the international design competition ‘red dot design award’ by competent expert juries in the fields of product design, communication design, and design concepts.”


As the origin of everything that surrounds human beings, Batti’s inspiration for the Placentero was the gestation period. By combining two words linked to this period of human development, “placenta” and “pleasure,” the name Placentero unfolded.

When asked by MoCo Loco to categorize his work, Batti replied, “It’s not defined, seems interesting to find my style, but I prefer not to tie my work to anything and to think that it is always possible to continue investigating about ourselves. I believe that in that search I try to avoid the fashions and the formality, for that reason, when I was working in Brion Studio I chose ‘gestation’ as a theme that forced me to design with organic forms and messages of introspection considering that today the tendency by aesthetics and constructive convenience is minimalism and straight forms.”

Spurred by this vision, Brion Experimental’s development of the space design lounge chair then began. An investigation into the experiences human beings have before birth led Brion Experimental to some new age techniques that recreated the experience of drifting in the womb. Suspension, floating, hypnosis, meditation, and antigravity systems are just some of the ways in which the design team revisited this natural stage of early life.

Brion Experimental embarked on several such hands-on investigations and numerous recompilations of bibliographic and illustrative design prototypes in its quest to recreate the fetal experience. Finally, after an exhaustive examination of all possibilities, the production of the Placentero naturally unfolded.

The end result of this process was a new lounge chaise that enables a person to connect with him or herself by giving him or her the opportunity to freely move about and settle into the position of his or her choosing. Personal comfort is the key appeal of the Placentero.


On May 30, 2008, singer Kayne West featured the Placentero on his blog. Therein, he described the lounge chair as having “a modern feel with a smooth fiberglass outer shell and tailored leather interior offered in a variety of color options.”

The Home Decorating Trends magazine, Trendir,  describes the fiberglass Placentero lounge chair as “pleasurably comfortable – giving [you] the chance to make any movement and create whichever position you like,” just as the fetus does while encapsulated in the womb.

Of the lounge chaise, the home interior and design tip provider Homistic says, “The fiberglass-made Placentero … [is] stable in every position, even when it’s upside-down.”

Of its space age design, Trendhunter Magazine describes the Placentero this way, “When everything in the world is getting to you and you wanna just curl up in a ball … do it in style and get yourself one of these Placentero Chairs …. Sort of taking you back to when you were … well not born yet (cos we ALL remember how comfortable THAT was?!) There is an 18kg counter weight in the bottom of the chair so you can curl up in all sorts of different poses to your hearts content. The outer cover reinforced with glass fiber and finished with coat-gel, helps to minimize scratches.”

Freshhome praises the Placentero’s space design: “The outside sphere plastic surface is fiberglass and is finished with coat-gel which helps to erase scratches using polish paste. The seat’s leather comes in multiple colors.”

Of her experience test driving the Placentero at ICFF 2008 (International Contemporary Furniture Fair), 3rings’ blogger Michelle Bikic said, “Sinking into this innovative womb like chair feels great. It lets you stretch or curl up, while hugging and rocking you around. At times it felt tipsy, but that tipping point made me want to wiggle around in it even more after I was told that it would be impossible to tip over.” She went on to point out the lounge chair’s many possible uses: “While rocking away, I thought of different spaces that could benefit from the sophisticated fun this unique, over sized and futuristic looking chair offers – lounges, break rooms, media rooms, bedrooms, playrooms for kids and grown-ups, or best of all outside on a grassy patch.”


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